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We are not certain what it is about French women and exhibitionist tendencies, but we found them to often be quite eager to get that thrill from getting naked in public while we were visiting on tour. Nikita seemed especially delighted with the opportunity for indecent exposure, and became wet as a deckhand whenever we discussed the idea of getting caught. Starbucks runs were especially difficult for the crew because she would let her skirt ride up while she 'adjusted herself' every time she became bored waiting in line for cappuccino, never mind how her skirt would just 'accidentally fly up' while crossing the street. I honestly don't think she wore underwear once unless asked to for a scene.

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Nikita Belluci В 'Ep-3- les salopes du chateau'

Nikita Belluci - Ep-3- les salopes du chateau

Скучно с ума во время образовательной поездки в замок, Кейран замечает Никиту, еще одного бескорыстного туриста. Двое из них решают взлететь, оставляя Кристофа, чтобы попытаться скрыть их отсутствие. Когда Angell экскурсовод находит пропавшую пару, она делает свое мнение, что есть место для еще одного на петух Кейран, и три из них узнать истинный смысл "Menage Trois"!